Sunday Celebration at Life Christian Fellowship includes engaging, relevant preaching of God’s Word and simple principles for life application.

Things That Matter

The competing values to God’s Kingdom are considerable. Jesus uses straightforward language—“What does it profit you if you gain the WHOLE WORLD, but in the pursuit, lose your very soul?” As a result, following Jesus and seeking His Kingdom is about struggling past the competition and reaching for the “Things That Matter.”

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to look at the words that come directly from the Master. Jesus uses powerful stories and strong word pictures to clarify the “mattering things” in life. Join us for this powerful journey into “Things That Matter.”

July 22 “What God Puts in Your Hands”
July 29 “The One Gone Astray”
August 5 “The Beam in Your Eye”
August 12 “That Day When All Is Settled”

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