about us

People matter at Life Christian Fellowship, a church made up of a very diverse mosaic of people from all backgrounds, ages and races.  As a result, you’ll be warmly welcomed and meet people just like you who have experienced God’s work of grace in their lives.

From a small gathering in a home Bible study group, Life Christian Fellowship has grown to a place that several hundred people call “home”.  The congregation has also launched other churches to help reach the diverse people groups and neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area with the love of Christ.

Pastor bob and esther novak

Pastor Bob & Esther Novak are the founders and Lead Pastors at Life Christian Fellowship.  Moving from the Midwest, the Novaks came to the Philly area over 25 years ago to see thriving neighborhood churches established which help people encounter God in a deeply personal way. 

“It’s all about the CONNECT—with God, with people, with purpose” is their heart. They are passionate about helping individuals and families connect with God.  They love to invest themselves into building strong leaders who grow up into their God-designed purpose.