breakthrough prayer

2020 is about to wrap up and we are grateful for the grace and kindness that God has displayed to all of us. As we begin a new year, we’ll also start a three week prayer journey on Sunday, January 3. Implementing 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer: The Power of Agreement by Jim Maxim, we will engage in the renewal of corporate and personal prayer.

Books with daily devotions are available at the church and you can enter into a 21 days accountability partnership to keep you focused in the journey.

At the close of our 21 Days, we will gather for a united Breakthrough Prayer Gathering on Sunday, January 24 at 6:00pm for one hour of prayer, praise and worship. We will also be livestreaming the gathering for those who remain quarantined at home. Prayer is the breath that fills our spiritual lungs and brings dry bones back to life. Let’s make it the core of who we are at Life Christian Fellowship.