We’re designating the week that leads into the Philadelphia Eagles 2018 season as DELCO WATER WEEK.  The goal is simple—give generously and inspire everyone you know to give generously to WATERBOYS, a compassion project started by Philadelphia Eagle Chris Long.  Through WorldServe, WATERBOYS drills solar-powered fresh water wells in communities in Tanzania where people do not have sanitary water.  For them, fresh water will change their lives.  Our goal is $25,000 by the kickoff of the Eagles opening game on September 6th!

Here’s WHY this cause matters…

EVERY DAY, more than 2000 children perish from preventable, waterborne illness.  More than half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with patients who suffer from these same illnesses: cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and even simple diarrhea.  But fresh water makes all the difference!  It not only alleviates sickness and disease, it opens educational opportunities for the children who are often required to travel distances daily to draw unsanitary water and brings economic lift.  With fresh water, a whole new life flows into needy communities.  FRESH WATER CHANGES LIVES!


August 30 - September 6

Here’s HOW we’re going to do it…


Go to the following link and donate now:


Then pass the link to everyone within your reach—family, co-workers, neighbors and friends.  That’s our simple strategy. 


You can also put up a water station at work or at a neighborhood gathering spot.  Or you can canvas your neighborhood distributing bottles of water with donation cards attached.  We’ll provide WATERBOYS promo cards and the supplies you will need.  “MULTIPLY” works with this awesome cause…so let’s inspire people… to inspire people… who will inspire people to give.  Put compassion into action and let’s multiply our efforts throughout DELCO.