This is God's house

“For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations:”

Isaiah 56:7

During the month of June, as we are able to, we will gather together at LCF and focus in on prayer.  Beginning on Saturday, June 13th we will have two prayer gatherings on Saturday evenings, at 5pm, and 8pm.  Then on Sundays, we will have two prayer gatherings at 9am, and 11 am.

prayer & worship gatherings in june

We look forward to reopening for public worship gatherings beginning the weekend of June 13/14. Our Deacon Board and Leadership Team have been diligent to search through all of the information concerning the coronavirus pandemic and have arrived at procedures that will assist us in providing a healthy environment for our gatherings. Our building has been thoroughly sanitized and ready for you and your family. We realize this has been a confusing and challenging time.  So, we recognize that not everyone will be ready to begin attend public worship right away.  We want to assure you that we will be here when you are ready to fellowship at our building and that no judgment will be passed on anyone who chooses to delay their return.  Whenever you are comfortable, we look forward to seeing you and in the meantime, we are here to support you and love you. 

This is our initial re-opening phase and will be our schedule for the last three weekends in June.

Also, these gatherings will not be our regular Sunday Celebration with worship team and preaching. The weekly message will be posted at our website, Facebook, and YouTube and we encourage you to view Online Sunday Celebration each week. We will continue our Online Sunday Celebration so those who cannot make it in-person will be able to participate online. 


For June, our focus will be on prayer. We feel that God desires us to reestablish His House as a “house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7). Each gathering will begin with worship, followed by time for personal prayer and then corporate prayer. We encourage all of our LCF members to open their ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to be prepared to share what He is speaking to us as a church family. We believe this is an important season in our history and we challenge you to be very intentional to partner together in prayer and fasting.

special considerations

Below are a list of modifications and changes we are putting into effect as we assemble:

If you are sick, or have been in contact with anyone who is, please make use of the online option until you are feeling better. We acknowledge sickness is one of the components of the fall of man and in the best of times people will feel its effects.  This is true with Covid19, the flu, or any other infection.  By God’s goodness and grace recovery rate of this current virus approaches 99%.  

We have decided to make mask-wearing optional for all who are attending.  We encourage those who are more cautious and more likely to wear a mask in the service to attend the first service (Saturday at 5:00 PM, Sunday at 9:00 AM). If you desire less restriction, we encourage you to attend second services (Saturday at 8:00 PM, Sunday at 11:00 AM).

Our Coffee Bar area will be closed, as well as the water fountain. So if you need hydration, we encourage you to bring bottled water.

You can anticipate a spritz of hand sanitizer when you arrive at the front door. A pre-packed communion cup and wafer will be distributed upon entrance, and all handouts will be on the seats.


Seating will be with five rows rather than our normal ten to eleven rows.

There will be no Kids Ministries for June, nor Grounded for Life. We encourage families to attend and prepare their children to be seated with them. There will be no access to the downstairs classrooms. We know that this is not the most convenient for families with young children, but we are working toward the best procedures for providing a healthy environment for our kids and workers and this requires extra time for preparation.

Most importantly, we desire for our focus to be clear as we reassemble. “This Is God’s House.” That means our focus will be on God, first and foremost. It will also be a time to reconnect with one another. This means love is the culture for our reopening. The principles that we have considered in Romans 13-14 will become our practice in respecting and submitting to authority and preferring and honoring one another, refusing to be selfish, opinionated and imposing our views and convictions on others. We will be the Body of Christ.


Thank you for your patience, perseverance and continued support of our church family. This has not been an easy season and as we reassemble we will feel the impact of change. But as we continue to open our hearts to God, we will encounter Him together and our hearts will be warmed by His presence.


Much love,

Pastor Bob & Esther

And the LCF Leadership Team