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living upside down

A Series on the Sermon on the Mount

We’ve all felt like that at times over the past year—upside down. Trying to make sense of health concerns and business practices, education and public gatherings have been impossible to reason through. But one thing is obvious—life is strangely different.

It’s in the early stages of His ministry and Jesus ascends the hill. Surrounded by a multitude, He pulls the disciples in close and then pours forth the landmark teaching known as the Sermon on the Mount. In essence, Jesus says life in God’s Kingdom is different, unusual, upside down. The principles break through old religious mindsets as well as pagan practices. There is no other body of truth that is as pointed, powerful, and disruptive as what you will discover in Matthew 5-7.

Starting February 14th, we’ll begin a spiritual journey through the Sermon on the Mount. We’ll take time to dig deep and let God confront our presumptions and biases. And as we do so, He will be faithful to transform us and make us more like Jesus.

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