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gratitude give back

GRATITUDE—That’s the BIG THEME every November at Life Christian Fellowship. On the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving, we invite our family and friends to gather with us and remember all of the blessings of God in our lives. And we will keep that tradition alive in 2019. But there’s a twist!


Words are necessary in order to give thanks, but they also fall short. You can say the words, but somehow miss the real importance of gratitude. So this year, we have a mission—"GIVE BACK.” We will find ways to GIVE BACK to people around us. For those who have made an impact in our lives, to the people at work and the communities in which we live—we’re bringing “GIVE BACK” GRATITUDE. Then we will gather on Sunday, November 24 and tell the stories and celebrate the GIVE BACK opportunities that we have seized throughout the month of November.


The opportunities are unlimited and the impact of the ripple effects is beyond what we can imagine. So join the “GRATITUDE GIVES BACK” movement this November. Embrace it, live it, shift into “GIVE BACK” radical mode and let’s make it a season that we will never forget!

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