Sunday Celebration at Life Christian Fellowship includes engaging, relevant preaching of God’s Word and simple principles for life application.

“First Steps”

Action Priorities for Entrance into a New Decade

For many people, a new year means resolutions—better habits, better health, fewer mistakes and missed opportunities. For Jesus-followers, the commitments include better church attendance, Bible reading, prayer and better stewardship with money and time. In January, we’ll focus on four actions that will shape our future for both fruitfulness and faithfulness. Make it your priority to join us each Sunday as we consider “First Steps” into a new decade.

Believe—Life Is Too Short to Be Dominated by Doubt and Fear

Decide—Life Is Too Short to Live in the Land of Limbo

Serve—Life Is Too Short to Waste Opportunity

Dwell—Life Is Too Short to Miss Time with God and People

Sundays at 9am and 11am.

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